Hard to be a baby

All week long you have to be a DJ at Daycare:

Then once you get home, there is absolutley no service:

Seriously this is the conversation we had tonight:

Me: Miller, you should play with all of your fancy toys.
Miller: I apologize Father, your fancy $10-$20 toys have no appeal to me. I would much rather spend 1 half hour of my time chasing a 75cent beer can around the house. Thank you for your time father, now piss off.

That is all. Good Day.


Erin said...

He's mobile and too cute for his own good (I can say that, I am his mother). This spells trouble!

Anonymous said...

Of couse he is cute.
He crawls the same way you did, Ryan.
I would think you could find a better cheap toy than a beer can. Looks like Annie agrees with me. Coyote Grandma

MN Mom said...

He is a true Rock Star!

Jess said...

Look at him go! He's really perfected the crawling lately.

When he was over here last weekend I think he played more with a plastic water bottle than he did with his blocks. Of course, he and Scooter had to share the water bottle because they both wanted to play with it.

Anonymous said...

That's precious! Mobility - - your lives will changen now! Stage 1 was just a warm up. SQKR

Anonymous said...

Ah, Sqkr be spewing the truth! You got quite the little army crawler! You need to camo his little butt up and get some video of that!!