Touch and Go...

maybe that should be the name of this blog, since I haven't really been paying attention to it. Let me get to the important matters at hand:

Congratulations to Jon and Shannon for being Pregnant. I know they have been trying for awhile. For all the horror stories we heard in High School, getting pregnant does not happen overnight, and it is quite the accomplishment once it does happen. Keep in mind though, before one starts to throw his pecker around willy-nilly he should keep in mind the season of duck hunting, and what month it falls.

Congratulations to Jess for completing her half marathon. Granted it was ONLY 13 some miles, but still, not bad.

Froyd household has been busy the last week and that is what I will blame my lack of posting on. Here is a list of accomplishments:

Painting of Baby Room has completed Phase 2 of 6-10 phases, and we have a good idea of what flooring we will decide to go with.
The roof is nearing completion, it should be completed this week.
The old shed is torn down, with help from Jon.
The old grill area is torn down, also with help from Jon.
I have completed Medium Drumming on Rock Band, and am a quarter way through hard.
Yearly review at work has been completed, and 2008 will bring exactly what I have been looking for as far as work is concerned.
Yearly exercise has kicked it up a notch. Half Hour of Basketball on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as a mile run on Saturday.

That is all. Good day.


Jess said...

You've been busy! No wonder you haven't had time to blog.

Thanks for the shout out! Next time you can run "only" 13.1 miles with me! A1A is your chance! Only two weeks away.

Erin said...

He does like stirring up controversy. I think he would die before the half way mark.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the holla. Sorry about the duck hunting timing. It only took Jon about an hour to go from "yeah, we're pregnant!" to "damn, duck hunting!" Maybe we should name the baby Mallard as some sort of appeasement?

Erin said...

Jon should still go duck hunting. He bought all of his stuff and LBP will be approximately a month old. That way you can hold it over his head for the next 20 years that he left you alone with a 1 month old.

MN Mom said...

Seems that "Daddyhood" doesn't come without a price.

Anonymous said...

Be your own man Juan Cinco! Once that kid's out of the QBZ (quiet baby zone/womb)you'll need a little break (labor is tough stuff on the man, too!). BKR