End of Month Results

January was a good month as far as crossing things off my various lists, as well as keeping up with the ole New Years resolutions. Hopefully every month will go this well, at this rate I will be done with all of my projects by my Birthday(March 27, contact me for a list of things you can buy me, better start saving).

Projects Completed
Roof-Done and paid for. Went much smoother than anticipated.
Old Shed-Tore down
Old Grill area-Taken to garbage
New Shed-Ordered
Quote for Gutters-Completed

Projects Started
Baby Room
Plumbing for Grill area. Plumbing is one thing that is sorely lacking from my Man Resume because I hate it as much as I hate diarehha on a hot summers day. I have decided to overcome this hatred and plumb the outdoor sink myself. Keep your fingers crossed.

New Years Resolutions
All kept, could be exercising more, but I don't want to look so good that all women will want me. 75% of women is fine for now.

For the month of February, here is what would be nice to have happen:
Shed will be here is 10-15 days. Have to pick out paint in that time frame so I can paint behind where the shed will go. Finish plumbing in that time. Assemble shed. Have house painted. Have gutters installed. If that can all be done by the end of February I would be happier than a pig in shit, and that is happy.


Jess said...

Whoa! Slow down with the projects! If you keep up with things at this rate, there won't be any chores for LBF to do when he arrives!

I mean, isn't that why people have kids? To have little minions that do your bidding?

Anonymous said...

Your are nesting! It's sooooo cute! BKR was busy with home improvement projects before the arrival of our little one. Now our house reeks of doo doo, spit up and other less-than-pleasant baby odors. Add a steam cleaner and all that safety crap to your registry. You will need it! SQKR

Shannon said...

Plumbing, huh? Not that I doubt your skillz but you haven't had the best success with rate with "water" projects in the past...

I'd offer up Jon to help (I know he's an expert when it comes to toilet plumbing, you know how ours breaks every time we decide to have a party), but I don't know if outdoor and indoor plumbing are the same. :)

Erin said...

That's not nesting. That's getting his shit done finally :) Just kidding Honey!

Remember, when Ryan get's a project in mind, he goes to town on it full blast. He forgot to mention ordering flooring and getting baby furniture ordered and put together.

Anonymous said...

It's not nesting! It's doing what the little round belly lady wants since it looks really bad to put a pregnant lady's hand on the stove to shush them up:) BKR