List of Projects for the 1st half of '08

1. Paint House.
2. Reroof house.
3. Replace door from Garage to house.
4. Finish Grill area.
5. Replace shed.

Hopefully the Money Tree out back doesn't freeze this week. Its supposed to get down to 38 degrees tonight.


Jess said...

First of all, imagine my surprise to find that Ryan has posted two days -- in a row! I nearly choked on my coffee! Is one of your resolutions to post more regularly? (Or is one of them to make sure you silence my taunting?)

Anyhoo, looks like you have many projects ahead of you, but I do think it's funny how Erina dn Jerry are always claiming how much alike they are, but really, you and Erin with your lists and your projects with deadlines, you two are meant for one another!

I can just picture the list for LBF when he or she is born: "LBF, this is the list of things you need to do before you are 6 months old: hold your head up, sit up, crawl, and bleach the bathroom tiles."

Erin said...

Bleaching the tiles is perfect! LBF will be at the perfect height and posture to get in those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Plus, if I feed the kid whitening strips, he/she will drool into the grout and help clean it out. Great idea Jess!

Froyd said...

just slap some sponges on the kid and let him go wild. mopped floors in no time!