Week 12 LBF

Wife is starting to show, unless she miraculously acquired a beer gut. That would be tough to do without beer though. I think I have that one covered myself. Her craziness and sickness is starting to subside, or she is getting better at covering it up. I think last weekend was good for her because she was on the go all weekend. She didn't have a chance to sit down and feel icky. So that was good. Our next appointment is still a couple weeks away, and it will still be too early to tell the sex of the baby, so that will have to be another month in a half away. The good thing is is that we have decided on names already. Here they are:

If its a boy: Megatron
If its a girl: Megatron

Middle name: Either Decepticon(which has a nice ring to it Megatron Decepticon Froyd) or Kommandor.

So there you go.


Jess said...

Maybe for a girl you should adjust that: Megatrona, for example.

Froyd said...

whoa whoa whoa!

what happened to storm shadow!

you're living in a democracy, dammit, not a dictatorship! THE PEOPLE SPOKE!

although, megatron is a pretty sweet name.

sir baldy said...

You know if you name LBF Megatron then Jonnie will name his first born Megatroncho. That's perfect for best friends. I say go with it!

MN Mom said...

I swear I never saw a future dad this excited! You rock!