Guest Gone = Sobriety On

Well, after partying like a rock star(hair band rock star, not modern day rock star) since last Thursday, it is time to take it easy for a bit. Besides I have much to do during the nighttime hours in the coming weeks.

The tree needs to go up.
The outside lights need to go up.
Chrimmus shopping needs to be completed.
Wife's Birthday shopping needs to be completed.
Ma's birthday shopping needs to be completed.
I must figure out a plan to attack dissassembly of current shed, ordering of new shed, and assembly of new shed.
Need to continue rocking out to Rock Band.

This should keep me busy until the end of December I imagine.

As a brief recap of the last weeks events:
Turkey Day was swell, beyond swell actually.
I attended an excellent action packed Hockey match.
Went to Beowulf in 3d. 3d movies are cool.
Went to the beach.
Won at B-ball.

Uff. Erin must be rubbing off on me. I am very Listy today.

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Jess said...

And, you have to take Erin on her surprise b-day getaway.

Where are ya going? Don't worry, you can tell me!