week 11 (could be a long one)

If you haven't got your morning duker out of the way, I would do it now. This could very well be a novel. In the beginning--

Saturday-Went hunting with Juan Cinco, shot a snipe each. Another successful hunt. At his rate, we should have enough for a feast in about 5 years. But considering the last 2 years I have not shot anything, this season make me pretty happy.

Sunday-Spent all day down in homestead at the Nascar Race with Pistol Pete. The weather was awesome, our timing was perfect(both getting there and leaving) and the race was entertaining. I was a tired little fella though after we got home.

Monday-Cleaned for party and played Basketball. I don't think I will play on this team again next year. There is 3 people on the team that can fuck right the fuck off. They are an embarrassment to the rest of the team and to the league. There should be no reason to get 3 technicals in 40 minutes of rec league b-ball. Much less work sponsored rec league b-ball. So there you go.

Tuesday-Continued cleaning-rocked the house at Rock Band.

Wednesday- Showed up at work for half the day(notice I didn't say "worked") Boss took us out to eat, went to a bar, some buddies came over to practice on Rock Band, cleaned house, and prepared the turkeys.

Wednesday was also week 11 for LBF. Not too much new to report there. Either the wife is less crazy, or I am getting more used to it. She still isn't feeling well, but so far she hasn't been puking much. Still not really showing yet, but her knockers are monstrous. Yes!

Today- Got up this morning at 630 to get the turkey ready to be smoked. Got the smoker up to temp, put in the maple and apple wood chips, put the rub on the turkey, filled the water pan up with my special mixture of dr. pepper/water/apple quarters, stuffed the turkey with apple quarters, and chucked that thing on the smoker. I am trying to get a nice constant temp right now and then after that smooth sailing. I am going to get the fryer started up at around 3 for the other turkey. I will try to take pictures throughout the day to document the experience. Oh yeah, my buddy Andy flies in today at 930. I believe it shall be a weekend full of hi jinx.

That is all. Good day

Oh yeah, Jess, if you are reading this right now I hope you beat your PR, but if you didn't I hope that you at least built up an appetite.

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Jess said...

I was close, but I failed to beat it by about 5 seconds -- the full report is up on my blog. But I certainly did build up an appetite: I'm ready to eat the shit outta some turkey!

Oh, and Jerry told me that the drumming on Rock Band is really hard, so now I'm nervous. May need a little liquid courage before tesing out my abilities. I have a strong feeling I am going to suck ass.