No New or Old Music

I got nuthin folks. I haven't been listening to anything new, and I haven't been listening to much at all. The lazy bug bit my ass last Thursday and I haven't really exercised since then, and exercising is usually when I listen to music. So there you go. On a positive note, the guitar practice is coming along nicely. I had to quit a little early last night due to some pain in my wrist, but other than that I have managed an hour of practice every night for a week straight. Last night I finally noticed some results, as well as figuring out the reason for doing one of the exercises. Its a shame I had to quit early, but oh well. Tonight we are hoping to play some B-ball if its not raining. That should be interesting, it's been so long I can barely remember what a basketball looks like, not only that but I have the joints of an old man. If I don't post tomorrow, I am probably in traction.

Sunday Exercise-4 miles Bike
Sunday Guitar-1.5 hours
Monday Exercise-0
Monday Guitar-45 minutes.


Jess said...

So, has guitar playing pretty much eclipsed biking as of late? You're a fickle creature, aren't you? J/K

Um, so I was thinking back to your shin pain, and I remember reading that you can develop shin splints from biking -- if you're not wearing biking shoes. So maybe you do have splints, but you got it from biking, not running. I don't know. Is it still hurting?

Ryan said...

I'll let you know tomorrow when I ooze out of bed.