9 on the Ninth

1. Jimi Hendrix's Ghost, Stevie Ray Vaughn's Ghost, and possibly the Holy Ghost, all combined forces yesterday to prevent me from practicing guitar. I sliced my finger yesterday at work, and burned my remaining fingers on that hand cooking supper. I don't know what they are worried about, I won't be as good as them for at least another month.

2. Basketball is hard. We played on Tuesday night for the first time in about, oh seven years. Granted it was 100 degrees out with the heat index, but I have never felt so out of shape in my life.

3. Riding Bike may be good for your leg muscles, but it doesn't do shit for my cardiovascular conditioning. Part of that is that I don't ride 1.2 billion miles an hour, but still. I will say that my legs felt much better after basketball than what I was expecting, I think that is due to the bike riding.

4. Basketball shoes are fucking ugly these days. It is like wearing grafitti on your feet. Luckily I found some that weren't too fugly, or too expensive. I wish they had a mad skillz garauntee whereas if they don't give me skillz in a month I can return them for a refund.

5. Crushes/Killers shouldn't be done by out of shape thirty year olds. Since b-ball went so awful, I decided to do 10 minutes of crushers this morning and cut my bike ride short. I did 2.5 circuits in 10 minutes and about died. Don't worry though, I am still alive.

6. This SoFla heat is getting out of control. I'll take it over hurricanes any day.

7. The wife and I leave for our 6 year anniversery tomorrow. We are headed to St. Augustine for the weekend.

8. I purchased my tickets for a fall wedding as well as duck hunting. These trips both have more than one thing in common. I will be flying into Fargo, Nodak for both trips, and something will die during both trips: A mans freedom, and ducks.

9. Weigh Day info: 192.5

Tuesday Exercise-half hour of Basketball
Tuesday Guitar- 1 hour

Wednesday Exercise-1 hour mowing Lawn
Wednesday Guitar- Zero due to spirits

Thursday Exercise- 6.3 miles bike, 10 minutes of crushes.


sir baldy said...

Buck up little soldier. I've been playing basketball for about 8 months now and it will get better. Not your skillz 'cause you just plain suck but your cardiovascularization will improvulate.

Jess said...

Biking is good exercise, but it's not as hard as running around on a court. And what are "crushers"? Do you stomp on aluminum cans or something?

Ryan said...

No. They are called different things by different people. In a gym, you line up against a wall, sprint to the freethrow line, reach down and touch it, then sprint back to the wall, touch it, then sprint to the three point line, touch it, sprint back to the wall, touch it, sprint to the half court line, touch it, sprint back to the wall. Then do it in reverse until you are dead. I wasn't in a gym so I used the parking spaces at the sawgrass.

Jess said...

Oh yeah, I know those. We used to have to do them when I played soccer in high school. Those are hard. I can't remember what we called them, probably just "fucking hard."

sir baldy said...

What a bunch of babies! Do you two realize how difficult it is to sit here, at work, and keep looking on the interweb for junk and commenting on these blogs. My freekin' fingers hurt like the dickens.