1 Million Bucks......

minus 2 million bucks is how I feel today. Little bit of an overhang from yesterday evenings activities. I didn't even really drink that much during bowling, and had a little after bowling, but I think most of it was due to the lack of a quality supper and being slightly dehydrated from running yesterday afternoon. Speaking of which, I have shin splints like a motherfucker today. I stretched and everything, must not have stretched enough before running. While I am complaining, I would just like to complain a little about the nasty black bugs(gnats, or knats and some people call them) that swarm directly over the sidewalk whilst one runs. I don't remember them ever being quite as bad as what they are now. I, being a hairier than average fella,
am very good at attracting the little fuckers in my arm hair, and my eyes, mouth, forehead and everywhere else. It is a good thing I don't run naked, God knows where the little bastards would go then. Well, thats a happy picture to leave you with, Good Day.

Thursday Exercise-Ran 1 mile.
Thursday Guitar-30 minutes.


Erin said...

There must be a dehydration bug going around because I am dry as...I can't think of anything that dry.

Yeah, those little black bugs stuck in your hairy body...ewe! Did you need my tweezer to pull them all out yesterday?

sir baldy said...

good thing you shave downstairs Froyd!

Jess said...

You probably didn't develop splints in one run, but if they're aching, that's not good, and you can't really stretch to avoid shin splints or to improve them. They're usually the result of one of several possibilities: running on a hard surface, running in poor shoes, or running on a hard surface in poor shoes.

I'm guessing it's the third one. Do you have good shoes for basketball when you start that league? B/c if you have some trouble with shin pain now, it can worsen with basketball. Ice them and take IB for now. If it persists, like when you begin b-ball, you might have to tape them.

That medical advice will be $200, please.

Ryan said...

yeah, its probably the combination of bad shoes and hard surface...or I could just be a big pussy. This happens everytime when I start running. After 1-2 weeks it usually goes away. I will pay you as soon as you can write me out a prescription to vicodin good dr.