Touting Two Treasure Trove's of Tracks on Topical Tune Tuesday

I can do this shit all week long motherfuckers.

Velvet Revolver-Libertad. I haven't even heard this yet and I know its going to be good.

Alabama Thunderpussy-Open Fire. They've got a good sound, but a better name.

Monday exercise- 45 minutes DDR
Monday ABC's- 2 Martini's


Jess said...

Okay, most writers know when they've taken figurative language too far. You don't want your wit to be wasted by becoming tired and trite.

Jess said...

Okay, after reading that coment, I'm not sure if the sarcasm comes across: do you get the second sentence?

Ryan said...

yes I got it. Luckily I am not allitered out. Otherwise it would have flown over my head.