Drought My Ass

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

1 month ago


Yesterday we had the mother of all rain storms. I don't think I have ever seen it rain that hard since I have been down here. Some of the streets were still flooded this morning. Luckily we don't have any damage, I am glad that lake is behind our house. It did let up in the evening and we were able to launch some fireworks, and watch our neighbors light off theirs. I think I did some serious damage to one of my ears last night. I don't know if I popped an eardrum or not, but it is ringing like a church bell during the pope's birthday party this morning. Worse than rock concert ringing by far. Hopefully it will be better by tomorrow. In unrelated news, Congratulations to Jess and Jerry for being 99.9% done with their house. They have more patience than I can ever hope to have.

Tuesday Exercise: 50 minutes DDR
Tuesday ABC's: 5 beers, 1 margarita

Wednesday Exercise: 9 miles bike
Wednesday ABC's: A fair bit.


Jess said...

Yeah, that rain was pretty impressive yesterday. I hear though that Lake Okechobee is still low despite all this rainfall. Hard to believe everything was that dry!

It's getting exciting to be close to finished witht he condo! Can't wait to have everyone over to see it when it's the finished product!

Jess said...

I otallay hub gohbd yor! Nd licked yiyr ar! Yay! Now, so good tat tpyougn, jerry sayings oething pppp sorry, later1

Ps. had toty0oe word verigfitaci 333 timews!

Froyd said...


Ryan said...

The worst part is is that I can understand everything you wrote.

Erin said...

Jeepers! I drank a fair amount and can type. I even got up at the ass crack of dawn to ride bike. Jess, you need more drunk typing practice. you should start by sending yourself emails!

Froyd said...

ok, let me try my drunk translating skills:

"I totally hugmobbed you! And kicked your ass (ALTERNATE TRANSLATION?: And licked your ear?)! Yay! Not so good at typing, Jerry something pppp(untranslateable) sorry, later!
PS. had to type word verification (and indeterminate number of) times!"

If she were that drunk, I doubt that she could count the amount of times necessary to get the verification correct.