Friday Funday

I really don't have anything interesting or witty to say. If you have more important things to do I would go do them. Bowling went well last night, 165-141-155. A little over my average on the night. Thats all I can ask. I did good with keeping myself under the legal limit. 2 shots, a beer, and a rum/coke all night. This morning the wife and I got up and did our bike ride. My taint is pretty sore, a person would think a callous would develop sooner or later, but I guess I have never heard of a nacho callous, so maybe they don't. Hopefully today at work will go nice and easy, and the weather will be nice this weekend. Thats it. Oops one other thing, I feel that this report is bullshit. The male part of the studies must have been swayed by peter-like individuals.

Thursday Exercise- 0
Thursday ABC's- 2 shots, 1 beer, 1 rum/coke

Friday Exercise- 8.7 miles bike, hopefully 1 hr mowing the lawn if it isn't cloud-pissing out.


Erin said...

That's right honey! You gab just as much as us ladies!

Jess said...

It probably depends on how much either party has had to drink. Jerry can be pretty chatty when he's drunk.