Ain't Any Alliteration At All in A.M. Activity.

Just kidding. Weekend Recap starts now. The state of the weekend was good. On Saturday the wife and I didn't get up and ride bike, we were too busy with preparations for the party. It was hot as Hades all weekend, and Saturday Morning was brutal. We finished up with everything around 1 and our Visitors showed up around 1:30. Party People started showing up at around 4 and we started rocking it like a European discotheque. I was planning on going out and starting the fryer when all Hell broke loose and we were stuck right in the middle of a shittocane. It hasn't rained that hard in a long time. Luckily it didn't rain for very long and we were able to get the fryers going in no time. We made cheese curds(excellent), Indian Fry Bread with cinnamon and sugar(excellenter), onion rings(didn't have one, but they were all gone, so they must have been good), and fish(excellent). Everyone brought excellent food for appetizers and snacks as well. An honorable mention goes to the Jer-Bear. He was food runner and errand boy while we were frying. He worked harder than the cooks did. Once it got dark out the explosive fury was unleashed. It was awesome, I will try to post pics later. It was a great party. Cleanup the next day went quick, only taking about 2 hours, and since it was hotter and more humid then the jungles of Vietnam, my hangover was burnt off pretty quick. I can now add hosting a fish fry to my man resume. The cooking portion of the resume is almost complete, all I have left to add is shrimp boil, and pig roast. Those can wait a couple years though.

Friday ABC's- 6 beers
Friday exercise- Nyet

Saturday ABC's- 1 billion
Saturday Exercise- nope

Sunday ABC's- 10 beers, 1 whiskey coke
Sunday Exercise- Zero


Jess said...

It was a good time; you did an awesome job at fryin!

sir baldy said...

Sorry I missed it. I painted the front of the house though.

Froyd said...

your alliteration is blowing my mind, man.