New Music Tuesday....Sort of

I had high aspirations for this portion of my blog, but alas, I didn't really discover anything new or noteworthy. Not that there isn't anything new out there, I just haven't found it quite yet. The only new music I am listening to right now is the Raconteurs-Broken Boy Soldiers, and Tiger Army-Music from Regions Beyond(which is a very fine album I must add). The other music is a little older, but maybe some of you would like it. Here is the list:

The Raconteurs-Broken Boy Soldiers

Tiger Army-Music From Regions Beyond-

Lamb of God-Sacrament

Children of Bodom-Are You Dead Yet?

Happy Listening.

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Jess said...

You could always do "Music from Tuesday's Past" and review music that remains worth listening to over time.

You could have the Moody Blues croon in the background "Tuuuuesday...Afternooon..."