Grey Day Saturday

Its 9 in the morning and still kinda dark out. It is supposed to rain all day today, with possible heavy thunderstorms. Perfect. That means I don't have to feel bad about staying inside and doing nothing today. The wife and I got up at 630 and went for our bike ride already. Its a little cooler that early, there is alot less traffic, and we wanted to get it done before the rain. 9.5 miles. Didn't do too much last night, went out for supper and watched " Lucky Number Slevin". A damned fine movie, I recommend it to everyone. That is all for now, I am off to make a buttprint in the sofa.

Friday Exercise- 10 miles
Friday ABC's- 7 beers


Jess said...

Wow, congrats on getting up early and getting your bike ride in: You guys are way better at the early morning exercise than I!

Have fun leaving your mark on the couch -- perfect day for it.

Erin said...

He didn't even sit down-he left with one of his boyfriends to go play guns.