A Good Night of Bowling is Better than......

a bad day crappin your pants. I was a bit cool on the first game(123) but the 2nd(185) and 3rd(161) games I was on fire. Usually when we bowl we play poker as well. A spare gets you 1 card, a strike gets you 2 cards, he who has the best poker hand wins. Usually we throw in 1 dollar per person, if there is a frame where 3 of us get strike and the 4th doesn't then he throws in a dollar. 1st game I won with 4 of a kind with 2 wilds, 3 bucks to me. yay. Second game we decided to throw in 5 bucks a person, with the person that doesn't strike on a frame with strikes throws in 5 bucks instead of 1. Pot was up to 25 bucks, I win with a full house. 20 bucks to me. yay. Lost the third game(also 5 bucks a person). I threw in my winnings toward the bar tab and called it a night. I also did well with the drinking. I feel like a million bucks this morning. I did have to be wary of a certain woman at the alley that has a tendency to sneak up on people and Hugmob them. However, since it was singular, I guess Hugmug is a better term, I will have to consult Websters. All in all a good evening. I rode bike this morning, but we'll have to see how the weather holds up for this afternoon.

Thursday ABC's: 3 rum/cokes, 2 whiskey/cokes
Thursday Exercise: 0


sir baldalot said...

OK big time. It's time to join the Amateur Bowling Tour like me.
http://tcabt.com. You gotta beat 237 now.

Jess said...

That particular sneak-attack hugging technique is actually known as "hug-bombing." So, I hug-bombed you!

But I must've rubbed some of my mojo off on you in the hugging (an unintended side-effect), b/c I did crapping in my games. No, wait. I did crappy in my pants. I did poorly in bowling.