Played until my fingers bled**

I may not be posting much but I have been playing guitar quite a bit. The wife had an outing on Friday night at 'The World of Beer' so the whole fam damily went with. It is a cool place. Lots of beer, lots of outdoor seating, lots of room for rugrats to run wild. After I had two delicous(albeit EXPENSIVE)beers, I took the offspring home, put them to bed, and plugged in Rocksmith. I think I played for about an hour and a half. I decided to stop and go grab a beer, then continue my rocking, but the second my poor fingers touched the strings I about started crying. Apparently the trip out to the beer fridge and back gave my fingertips enough time to realize exactly how sore they were becoming. Needless to say, no rocking for me on Saturday. Sunday and Monday were spent rocking whilst watching the footballers. Tuesday Rocksmith again, as well as tonight. And that is that for this worthless post.

**I guess if the lyric is well known, you should be able to guess both the artist and the song. Bonus points will be awarded accordingly.


Jess said...

Bryan Adams "Summer of '69"

What prize do I get?

And, strangely, this post title is also coming up in my feed for Erin's blog. Are you drunk posting to her blog?

Erin said...

So you may need to clarify the rules of your little contest since I knew the song and artist and yet Jess beat me to it. Is it first post first win? I may have to set an alert on your blog to beat her to it.

Ryan said...

First to post wins.

Yeah, something got screwed up last night when I posted. Erin doesn't play guitar, she just dances.