The End of the Line

Well, it is finished. I am mostly happy with it. I accomplished my goal of learning a song in a month and posting a video. Is it perfect? Nope, not even close. Am I going to spend the time required to get it perfect? Not a chance in hell. At this point I am pretty much over this song, and I am really looking forward to picking something else out for next month. I can't imagine how these artists play the same songs over and over for the rest of thier career.

Positives from this experience:

I played my guitar more in the past month than I have the past 2 years.
I managed to not look like I had to shit my pants while playing the song.
I got a sweet KISS guitar strap for Christmas.
I finally figured out how to work some of the gear that I have for playing guitar.

Not perfect. Was actually thinking about rerecording it, but didn't have the patience. After screwing up the beginning chorus part my hands were shaking like crazy because I thought I was going to screw up the rest.
Plugging into an amplifier not only amplifies the sound, but your mistakes as well.
I don't look quite as cool as I thought I did in my head. Next performance I will have to take my shirt off.

Without further delay, I present to you....


Erin said...

Better than the first one you sent me. You have definitely improved.

Agate Lake Girl said...

I'll have to show this to Rylee. I'm sure she'll make the devil horns and tell you to "rock on!"

Jess said...


Time to go ahead and be a rockstar!

Anonymous said...

A new personal favorite!