MotherF%$king Computers and Erins glowing balls

Happy cinco de mayo, or whatever. I have just spent the last 1.5 hours in an epic battle against the damned computer and Erin's glowing balls. First off, the MotherF$*king computer. This bastard hasn't been working right for the last damned week. I think Miller has been looking at dirty girl pictures on his free time and caught it a virus. It has been slow and non-cooperative. Erin tried a simple task like hooking up the camera for pictures for her blog, and the computer gave her the middle finger. I tried the same damned thing(around electronics, I tend to have an aura of power), but it didn't work for me either. So started an hour oddessy of webpages, downloads, and beer can crunchingness on the foreheadedness, that was very frustrating. So I finally shut the fucker off, and lo and behold, miracles upon miracles, the camera connected to the computer and proceeded to download images to the correct folder and blah de fucking blah. It had something to do with other USB devices being plugged into the computer, and some other wizardry. (Sean, now would be a good time not to tell me what I did wrong, go back to Fallout). 2. Erin's glowing Balls. Below is a video:

Anyhow, one of these glowing balls decided that it wasn't going to work. So after a half hour of fuckery with wires, screwdrivers and more beer can crunchingness to the foreheadedness, I threw it down in frustration...Lo and Behold, Miracles upon Miracles, the Light lit, and Erin's Glowing Ball began to glow. Hallelujah, a prefect end to a complete waste of an evening.

The evening wasn't a complete waste, Jess and Jerry had a Cinco celebration at their house that was good. What was a waste was every second after I got home.

Here is a picture of Miller as well as a picture of a tall man on a small bike:


Froyd said...

you guys should really upgrade your comp. I'm just sayin'.

MN Mom said...

Oh wow...I was picturing a completely different type of bike seat when Erin said she got one. I forgot how safe and secure kids are now in everything...back in the day we didn't care if the kid was up high, tippy, could put their hands in the spokes etc.

I hate computers! ***-^$pieces of crap!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Video: I felt like I was watching a low budget space movie with the Darth Vader heavy breathing in the background. :)

Cure: beer can crunchingness on the foreheadedness (this should be recommended for all ailments - electronic or otherwise)

Bike: Maybe you could pick up other baby passengers and charge a fee like those guys down at the beach.

Jess said...

Sorry everything went to hell after you left. You shoulda stuck around for some more tequila!