List of things to do this week

1. Find my Fucking Car keys. Been missing since Saturday afternoon, and no I don't know where I put them, otherwise I wouldn't be looking for them.

2. Pack my stuff and ship it out for Duck and Pheasant killing. Most everything is still packed up, but I have some loose ends scattered about that I need to pack.

3. Schedule a massage with a Swedish Super Model to iron out my aches and pains from shooting clay pigeons on Sunday, and from throwing clay pigeons on Sunday. It's a bitch getting old.

4. Continue to be a Facebook whore. The whole idea seems to be a big popularity contest, but it is cool finding out where everybody is that I went to High School with.(at least the ones that know how to work the Internet). Maybe if I have a high enough friend count I can be on the yearbook committee...

Other than that, not much is new. Miller is slowly getting over his cold, and he should be good as new this weekend. I am starting to wonder if his teeth might be coming in soon. He gnaws on his thumb like it is fillet mignon, and he is starting to chew on some of his toys. I am sure teething will interrupt the heaven that is sleeping from 730-6 in the morning, but I knew it wouldn't last forever.

That is all. Good day.


Erin said...

I am going to have to join Facebook just to keep an eye on you. Maybe one of your new "friends" took your keys.

Jess said...

Ah, a to-do list. You and Erin are becoming more and more alike. Soon, you'll be worried about the dogs eating the fish on the counter and barfing all over the place.

I stear clear of both Facebook and MySpace. My students are on there and I don't want to share social space with them.