7 things about a 7 week old.

Since Miller is 7 weeks old today, here are some random bits-

1. It's still not easy.

2. Moving him from a slow nipple to a medium nipple cut feeding time from 35-45 minutes down to 15. It is glorious.

3. He eats right around 30 oz. of boob milk a day. That is 2.5 beers worth of milk.

4. It is easy to take a young baby places as long as you have all your shit together. I am sure this will get harder as he gets older.

5. His neck is definitely getting much stronger. He still accidentally does some headbanging even when he isn't listening to music, but it is much better than what it was.

6. He sleeps between 4 and 5 hours at a time. We are hoping for six now that things have settled down around the house.

7. I am most positively not ready for another one anytime soon.


Erin said...

Oh come on-let's just keep popping them out one right after another. I know you love the sleep deprivation and hormonal version of me. LOL!

You can add another first to your list for Miller. He has officially found his thumb and seems to like it about as much as his whole fist.

Jess said...

Goodness, what's up with you? you're a bloggin machine lately!

Anyway...it's good he can handle the medium nipple now. But this makes me curious: what about babies that drink from their mama's boob? Because that nipple doesn't change. So, is it slow going for all those months of breast feeding? Or do they just suck harder to get it faster? If so, that sounds incredibly unpleasant.

Crystal said...

You have a natural headbanger, he's just waiting for you to turn on the tunes.

2.5 beers worth of milk..just wait till he hits a keg!

Erin said...

Good God Crystal-If he gets up to that much it will be provided by Land O' Lakes because this milk cow won't be able to produce that much!

MN Mom said...

Glad to here you don't want to repeat soon. I think each child needs there own special time and love.
You are both doing great by the way!

Sleep is over-rated.

Shannon said...

Does this mean you're not volunteering to have MBP over for sleepovers anytime soon? I though for sure you'd like to try adding another babe to the mix.