Good News Piled on top of More Good News

Good News #1. Tonight is the last night of Baby Class. Although it covers one of my most favorite subjects(Hooters), the fact that it pertains to the production of milk from said hooters, dampens my mood considerably. Warm Milk and Wet bread are equal to each other in terms of grossness.

Good News #2. Erin managed to score Springsteen tickets for this Friday night at the BAC, 20 rows off the floor, corner stage. Erin and I had wanted to go, but we decided that $95 apiece was a bit much for us. From what I am slowly figuring out, Erin is kind of a big deal at her work, more so than I thought. Her work is more than a little concerned that she won't return after the baby is born.(little do they know that Erin would go batshit crazy staying at home). The tickets were a little incentive to say "hey Erin, look at how nice we are, maybe you should come back to work after you shoot that kid from your loins". Whatever, I will take it.

That is all. Good day.


Jess said...

That's why it pays to be a big deal. Still, this doesn't answer one of my questions: was the concert re-scheduled? Because I swear to bob, it was originally scheduled in April.

CrashLandon said...

Dude Bro....your wife is a big deal with a group of virgin tech nerds who like to look at her humongo preggo juggs. To the rest of us, her department is a constant source of frustration and scorn....but not Erin, of course.

Ryan said...

Yeah, rescheduled. Thier keyboardist "Bob" passed away and they postponed that show.

Crystal said...

That's awesome about the tickets. Must be nice to have such an important wife, huh.