Tuesday Morning

Its a good morning. I finally beat the stinky Ecuadorian Pablo at Fantasy football. Thanks in part to Tom Brady playing like a schoolgirl the first half of last nights game. Hopefully I can keep it up in the playoffs. I am also 7 points out of 1st in the Office Pick'em league. Yes, I am saying that there is a chance. And...we won our 1st playoff game in basketball game last night. We probably will get destroyed next week but a win is a win. Speaking of B-ball, I will put a 20 dolla bill on the Boston Celtics winning the championship this year if anybody wants to take me up on it, anybody except Mongo. I will leave you with a funny joke:

A baby seal walks into a club...

That is all, good day.


Jess said...

With all those wins, you should stop by a casino or pick up a lottery ticket this week!

Froyd said...


I'm still laughing!

I'm a horrible person.

MN Mom said...

Froyd, don't tease the "PRINCE" at work about the clean-up or he will tell me to stop including him in my blog...you know how sensitive he can be!