Weather Woman Time Line

Since my wife is being a stubby stubbornson about certain things I will have to enlighten you to the hardships I face as a morning news weather watcher. Being from Minnesota one of the most important topics in conversation was the weather, because it changed daily, sometimes hourly. Back in the day, the only way to get info on the weather(besides the farmers almanac) was to watch the evening news. I never watched the evening news much, mostly because I didn't care what the weather would be(unless it was a possible snow day) and secondly, because you had to look at this guy:

Yep, "Too Tall" Tom. While excited about the weather, he wasn't exciting to look at.

6 days after graduating from college, I found myself in tropical southern Florida, where the weather is hott and the weather women are hotter!! Case in point:

Jackie Johnson. Jackie relayed the weather to me in a sexy fashion for close to 5 years. Unfortunately this picture does not do her justice. She was always the girl next door who kept the darkest weather at bay. She broke my heart in October of 2004 when she left beautiful southern Florida for retarded California. siggghhhhhh.

Just when I thought all hope was lost enter---ELITA LORESCA!!!!!!!!!

Elita brought a breath of fresh air to the morning weather report, with her island looks and her witty banter it could be a hurricane everyday and I wouldn't mind. During her time here in Florida she was named Sexiest Weather woman in the world by FHM magazine. And unlike Jackie Johnson(who also got the honor a few years ago) she actually posed for the magazine. Now that is a forecast everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and Elita left south Florida on October 19th 2007, also for retarded California. Leaving a tropical depression that has not yet been remedied.

That brings us to Julie Durda

I watched her weather forecast this morning and I am not yet sure what to think. I couldn't find a suitable picture of her on the interweb, but she looked pretty good on the TV. She is a former 49ers cheerleader and used to work in Phoenix. That is all I know of her. They never zoomed in on her face so I cannot tell an age. It is too soon to tell if she will be a suitable replacement for Elita(my heart is still healing), but I cannot find anything very negative about her. Except maybe her last name. It sounds like something an Egyptian would wear when travelling long distances.

That is all. Good Day.


Jess said...

I remember "Too Tall Tom"! I wonder if he's still forecasting up there in the Northland...

Anyway, to your weather girls: I really have no comment. I never watch the weather and barely watch the news (prefer to either read it or listen to it on the radio). But if these weather girls are former cheerleaders, etc, it really does support my theory that meterology is a crackpot science that a trained monkey could do.

In fact, if a trained monkey were on the news as the weather forecaster, I might watch that.

Erin said...

I never understood Jackie's alure but Elita...I have to admit, she's a hottie and was pretty darn good at giving the forecast. The giraffe girl that has been standing in for her is awful. I would rather watch Too Tall Tom but the new girl...no verdict yet but she has potential.

And I am not being stubborn, just teaching you a lesson!

sir baldy said...

Thanks Jess, I'll make sure to tell Jen this.

Anonymous said...

Julie Durta and her wrinkled mismatched clothes are the pits. If it was not for the their great traffic reports Fox would be off my list in the AM.

I will never understand Fox WSVN some of their New Dept is the best, the others the bottem of the barrel. Looks like they are trying for the bottom of the barrel audience. Maybe that is their Nitch.