No mans land.

Carrington North Dakota-Population 2,152.
Current temp-47 degrees, low of 32.
Time to destination- 27 hours.

Getting pretty excited now. I leave in a couple of hours and will be in Fargo at 8 tonight, we leave tomorrow morning around 9 for Carrington. So far conditions look much better this year than last. Last year we went a week earlier and it was much colder. Most of the ducks were already on the move, and many of the smaller lakes/ponds were already frozen over. Frozen over=no duck landing. There is also a large cold front heading through Canada, so that should also light a fire under the ducks asses. Hopefully the pheasant hunting will be as good as last year. We shall see.

I took care of everything I needed to at work, and most of what I needed to at home. There aren't any big projects at work that I need to worry about, so it will be a very stress free week. I think the cat and dog will be able to take care of the wife while I am gone, and her mom is coming this weekend, so what the cat and dog can't do, the mother-in-law can.

So there you go. No blogging this week, I don't think they have heard of the Internet in North Dakota, much less Carrington. Have a good week people. That is all. Good Day.


Jess said...

Poor birds. They look so much prettier when alive.

So, is your "That is all. Good day" gonna become the "good night and good luck" of the blog? I like it. It's good to have a catch phrase.

MN Mom said...

Have fun drink lots of BEER that way you will shoot worse!