Weigh Day Monday

196. Up a pound from last week. To be expected since I ate and drank like a slob all week. 2 4th of July celebrations, guests, party at other peoples houses, and lack of exercise all combined. I am going to have to get back on it this week. The wife and I did our bike ride this morning, and I am hoping not to drink until bowling.

Congratulations to the Beeker and Squeeker on the birth of thier daughter Valerie. They were married on 2-2-02, and now they have had a kid on 7-7-07. weird.

I did go and see Transformers yesterday. What a great movie. Much better than I expected, and I expected a lot.

Sunday exercise-0
Sunday ABC's- 0

Monday exercise-8.7 miles bike.


Jess said...

1 lb could easily be water weight. Maybe you're bloated. Is your period soon?

Ryan said...

Yes it should be just around the corner. I hope it won't be a heavy flow month again.