Weekend Report

Definetly not a wild and crazy weekend.

Friday-Drinks, followed by the Simpsons Movie. The movie was okay, it had its funny moments, but it left out a lot of the main caracters(Apu,Side-show Bob, Dr. Nick). All in all it was like watching an extra long Simpsons episode.

Saturday- Went to Bass Pro to buy a case of 9mm ammo(it was on sale, 4 bucks cheaper a box) and also got some much needed supplies for duck killing in October. Then I went and picked up the wifes car from the shop. We drove up and met the inlaws halfway and got the Devil-Dog back. We were taking care of the scooter dog this weekend, so much wildness and merriement were had once Annie came home and saw her boyfriend. Throw the cat into the mix and it was chaos. That night we went to an someones 40th birthday bash(which wasn't really a bash, I felt bad for the guy, if we hadn't shown up there would have been half as many people there).

Sunday-A whole bunch of not much. Got some groceries, went over to a friends house for supper, came home and watched a couple of episodes of Weeds. I am not sure what to think of that show yet. I will give it a few more episodes before I decide.

That is all. Now the wife and I have to decide where we are going for our 6 year anniversery that is 2 weeks away. Nothing like waiting until the last minute...

Monday Exercise-8.7 bike

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Jess said...

Not sure what you think of "weeds"?! That show is awesome. Myabe you need to get through the whole first season to begin to understand the addicting power it has (and they say weed has no addictive properties!).

Thanks again to you guys for watchign the Scoots, hope he behaved himself. When you decide on your 6 year getaway, we can always watch Annie and Jazzy, if you want.