1 Year and a few days

That's how long I have been doing this blogging stuff. Not consistently of course, there has been quite a few months were I have hardly posted at all, but I have been doing a bit better lately. I can't really say it has bettered my life at all, but I guess it hasn't made it any worse. I guess I will just keep doing it. I have decided to drop the exact count of ABC's though. The only thing it does is make me feel bad about drinking so much, so it doesn't really serve a positive purpose. It also doesn't really make sense to have a "secret" blog. I am a grown-ass man after all, so I can be put back up in the side bar if you all so desire.

No music reviews this week, I travelled all weekend long, and didn't really listen to any music, so I have got nothing for you. I did read a pretty good book though.
Stephen King-Cell. It has zombies in it, and zombies are cool, so that makes for a good book. I do feel that he got a little lazy with the ending, but that is for you to decide.

Exercise starts again tomorrow. That is one full week off, and I dread the results.

I did purchase Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's last night, and it fucking rocks.


Jess said...

I haven't read that one, but I do appreciate a good zombie story -- I'll have to read it, but for now, I have a stack of books to work my way through.

I will put you up on my blog's sidebar -- glad you decided to come out of the closet. Secrets are too hard to keep.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you came out of the closet

Froyd said...

I'll wait a month or two before putting you back on the sidebar, ma and pa won't be too pleased that you've been blogging behind their backs.