Rain Roulette

It was pretty much one big fat thunderstorm yesterday, all day, and I was a little concerned about my bike ride home last night. If it was raining like a motherfucker out when I walked out the building I was going to try to scam a ride home from someone. Luckily I walked out the door to a light shower, and since I am not a wicked witch, or made of sugar, I knew that I wouldn't melt, and so, I began the trek home. One forgets the fact that, while it may not be raining hard, the road is still wet, which means that the cars and SUVs driving next to you throw up a cumulonimbus cloud of vapor, that does a far better job of soaking one then the rain. The tires on a bicycle also do a fair job of firing water directly at the crotch as well as the backside, which I assume feels close to a Bidet, though I have never tried one. I made it home a soggy mess, but at least it didn't rain like a motherfucker on the way, that would have made it very miserable. Once home, I flipped the deciding coin as to whether or not I would have a drink to reward myself for three days in a row of bike, one of which was very soaky. The deciding coin was in my favor so yes, I did consume beverages of an alcoholic nature last night. They were delicious.

Wednesday Exercise: 9 miles Bike
Wednesday ABC's: 1 small rum and coke(by small I mean standard bar size) and 3 beers.

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Jess said...

Good thing I didn't have to ride in the rain because I am made of sugar :)

I think you deserved the alcoholic reward for such good behavior, especially since you braved that motherfuckin' rain.