Cleverness lost

I am pretty sure I had some witty comments in my head for this blog last night during my drunken stupor, but I cannot recall any of them this morning. Bowling went well last night, I don't know what kind of points we won last night, because 2 members of the opposing team were still establishing their averages, but as a team we did pretty good. I bowled around my average. I didn't quite realize my average last year was a 146, so that caught me by surprise. I bowled a 137, 132 and 155. Not too bad considering I haven't bowled since Sir Baldy blessed us with his presence. We are going to have a good league this year, there is 12 teams which is the most we have ever had. Hopefully Smooth Lou had a chance to tune in and watch the chaos of the Motorola Bowling League from wherever he is at.

My drink tally was really up there last night, I had 2 beers before bowling, a rum/coke and 5 beers at bowling, and then 1 rum/coke after bowling while I was assailed from all angles by the emotional hurricane that is my wife(It had to be close to a CAT 5, if I had shutters for my ears I definitely would have installed them).

I did ride bike to work this morning as penance for my alcoholic intake last night.

On a positive note, my probation from my disorderly conduct has finally run out, so now I can piss in any alley I want without additional repercussions other than the standard disorderly conduct charge. yay.

Thursday Exercise: 0
Thursday ABC's: 2 rum/cokes, 7 beers.


Erin said...

CAT 5! I don't think that was the worst break down-maybe just a CAT 4.

Jess said...

Look at you and all your blog updating! Impressive. I think you were able to incoporate quite a few witticisms into that post: I had a chuckle over the "cat 5" comment!

I got pretty drunk last night as well -- thus demonstrated in the hugs I kept imposing on you. You know, only you Ryan, would grimmace when 3 lovely ladies hug you. I think other husbands might enjoy it!

Ryan said...

I amy have been grimacing on the outside, but I was smiling on the inside. I can't have other ladies at the bowling alley think I am so huggable, otherwise i will be hugmobbed everywhere I go.

Froyd said...