Knowing when to give in

When one is on a diet and exercise regimen it is very important to stick to the plan to see results. However it is also important to know when to let it slide. When one is presented with a homemade pizza that is made just the way one likes it, then one must partake. Maybe I didn't stick to the exact "plan" and have exactly 1.25 slices of pizza, but that mutherfuckin pizza was too good to pass up. Quality of life is far more important than love handles anyways. Everyone should remember this whenever they are trying to stick to something.

Wednesday ABC: 3 rumcokes, 3 beers. To lazy to climb back up on that wagon

Thursday Exercise: 8.7 miles


Jess said...


Erin said...

The pizza was healthy. We ate salad and only a couple pieces. Well, 1.5 for me and it was all homemade freshness. I consider that better than those damn salty Lean Cuisines.

Jess said...

Hey Rya! I', drunk right now! Ya! for the da blog and for da beer!! Geee, I hope I typin okay@ Ya!

Hey, I hugged bombed you! Yay!