Bowling, ishhhhhhhhh.

Yesterday afternoon and evening was a series of unfortunate events capped off by bowling a 101 my last game. The day started out so promising. The wife took the dog to the vet(usually my responsibility) for her annual check-up. My wife was worried about a lump on the dog that she was sure a cancerous tumor, which turned out to be a fatty growth that didn't need to be removed. Annie has a lot in common with Fergie: Neither one of the them can sing, and they both have lady lumps. Annielicious. 12:00 hit and things started going downhill, work went okay but not great, I get home and start fixing the fridge and I knock over my good dark beer onto the white tile, I clean the tile, go into the man room to get another beer and step in dog shit(we think it was due to all the vaccinations the dog got that morning). The dog shit ruined my last pair of clean ankle socks, which means I had to wear long socks to bowling. I hate wearing long socks, and that is why I bowled like shit. I still don't have any clean short socks so here I am writing this with fucking long socks on and my legs are all hot and itchy and I don't like it. Other than the long socks I am hoping for a better day today. I did get up and ride bike this morning at 5(it was an epic battle to free myself from the bed), and I am looking forward to an easy day at work. I am going to try not to drink tonight because the wife already has tomorrow planned out with chores inside and outside. Yuck.

Thursday ABC's: 1.5 beers, 6 rum/cokes
Friday Exercise: 8.7 miles

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Jess said...

Damn those long socks; they would screw anyone up!

I guess I'm still the only one who is not part of the poopy foot club!