It's On!

So right about the time that the Dr. told us that I had produced a boy in Erin's loins I have had a certain amount of things that I have had planned for said boy. One of these was to procure a Pow-Pow-Power wheels for him....

When I was but a young-buck, I really really really wanted a pow-pow-power wheels. The Sears wish-book would come in the mail and I would spend hours trying to figure out a way to get one. I remember one year telling my parents that I was willing to go in half with them if they wanted to get me one.

My parents, in their infinite wisdom, realised that once a boy is old enough to know what a pow-pow-power wheels is, they more than likely will be supremely disappointed with the pow-pow-power wheels performance once they receive it. Thus, I never received a pow-pow-power wheels. Don't feel sorry for me because I did get a Froyd-Custom Go-kart that worked most of the time, plus tractor rides and plenty of ride on toys.

My plan with Miller is to give him a pow-pow-power wheels before he even knows what one is, thus blowing his little mind. That being said I am also known as(and I quote)"The tightest fucker alive". So in keeping with that tradition, far be it for me to go and spend over 300 dollars on a toy that M-dawg will outgrow in 6-8 months. I have been searching the local craigslists and what not, and have not come upon any great deals. Now is not the time to be looking I suppose, because all the snot-nosed little brats just received the presents that their parents will be looking to sell in 6-8 months. Weeeelllll....I can't wait that long. Today I found a rare gem, sitting alongstside the paved path awaiting garbaaaaahge pickup. I present it to you now:

Yes, it is obviously a BARBIE pow-pow-power wheels jeep. This does not concern me....well the purple wheels concern me, because I don't think paint will last long on them, other than that, some camouflage will suit it nicely.

I cannot tell you my overall plans right now, but I can tell you that the Discovery/Speed/TLC channels will probably be wanting to film a TV show ala Orange County Choppers when I am done with this bad boy. I wonder if a Turret-mounted BB-gun would be overkill?

My plan is to unveil it on or around Miller's birthday this year. We will be in Fargo for his actual birthday so I will be damned if I am bringing it up there, but he will have it either before or after that.

I shall be taking pictures during the process to document, as per this blog, be prepared for updates every 3-4 weeks.

Good Day.


Erin said...

I always wanted a pow pow power wheels too. Hopefully you can get it running and fixed up. Not as cool as a brand new one but definitely less expensive!

Crystal said...

Beware Froyd. Brian has seen this and is already out in the garage sketching different flame patterns for your review. I'm sure color swatches will be included with pattern selection.

Jess said...

It is super cool, and I'm sure the finished product will blow M-Dawg's mind! And you can't beat free.

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with the neighbor girl when I was 4 because she had that exact Barbie Power Wheels!! Look out ladies, Miller's about to have "WHEELS" You better start finding the local parking spots so you can find your kid when it's time for supper!

Have fun!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Jon says he'll make the (and I quote): "towable potato gun cannon" to round out "the ass-kickability of the military jeep." Lee R Ermy has taught him how to build cannons. Look out!