Wow. I went and played Racquetball last night with Dave, and while it was fun, I feel pretty broken this morning. I haven't played racquetball in close to 11 years, and have not had any strenuous physical activity since playing basketball before my knee surgery(over a year ago). You may be wondering how I keep up this heavenly bod without exercise, sometimes I wonder that myself, but I guess I am just a natural specimen of sexy. I hope to play at least once a week for my fitness. Hopefully I won't feel as raggedy next week.

As far as guitar goes, I have been slacking a bit. I am learning Back in Black by AC/DC which is a good song, but I am just not into it. It is easy enough, and it rocks, but I am just meh over it. Since the wife is in Miami until Saturday I will have some good practice ahead of me.


Jess said...

Oh, oh, oh, can I play with you guys?! Where do you play?

I love raquetball, but haven't played at all since we moved to FL. 3 people can play, it's called "cut-throat" and it's still fun, if a little crowded in the court.

Please, please, please, can I play? Since I haven't played in so long, I probably won't kick your asses right away ;)

Erin said...

I still love you even if you are old and broken.

Please behave and remember the following:

Lots of hugs and kisses to Miller
Loves to Annie and Jazzy
Clean my tank and feed my fish
No girls over while I am away

Love you!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Can't type... still recovering from your "specimen of sexy" comment! :)

MN Mom said...

Old Smold! You don't know what old is!