One Year down....17 to go.

In a little less than an hour from right now(7:51) Miller will turn 1 year old. Which means I have officially been a parent for 1 year, and it does seem a little weird. People ask me if it has gone fast, and it really hasn't seemed to. It has gone normal speed. There are definitely parts that I am glad we are done with, or almost done with(the first 3 months, first cold, teething) but all in all, it hasn't been too bad. I think before the kid, the part that I was dreading the most was changing diapers, but that hasn't been that bad at all. Granted, that kid can create some stink, but nothing worse than I create on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I will be glad when he is potty trained.

Erin asked the other day if I was sad that he wasn't a tiny baby anymore. I said nope. Him being a tiny baby, the first 4 months, was actually my least favorite time. From about 6 months on things got progressively better, and the last month has easily been my favorite month of all. He is more mobile, he has a personality(translated-He is a little shit), he is talking more, and just in general acting more like a human than some sort of alien life form.

As far as the being a parent, I will count this first year as a good learning experience. When he was born I did some hard thinking as to what I expected out of myself in my first year of fatherhood. Since I had never been a parent, I didn't know what I was capable of, but I eventually nailed my responsibilities down to 3 things:

1. Keep the kid alive.
2. Coax a smile out him every now and then.
3. Avoid throwing spouse/Getting thrown by spouse, off of a bridge.

Not a long drawn out list, but one that I thought was manageable. The kid is still kicking, he seems like a genuinely happy baby, and both the wife and I have avoided going near any bridges in each others company. So I guess I will call it a success.

Happy Birthday Miller, and Good Job Mom.(Now that we are pros we might as well start on number 2!)


Jess said...

Happy b-day to Miller and congrats on achieving your 3 goals!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Miller! And good job, Dad, on keeping him alive, happy and still with both parents!

Erin said...

I can't believe our little baby boy is no longer a baby! And, I am glad we didn't cross any bridges together this past year. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Miller! Congrats on one full year of fooling your parents into thinking THEY are still in CONTROL of anything. Little do they know that a few short weeks or months from now you will be fully mobile and begin developing your very own vocabulary and toddler personality! By year two they will not be so blinded. I wish you luck with more real food resulting in more "big boy" diapers along with several pairs of worn shoes in the year to come! SQKR P.S. Don't forget to throw a few temper tantrums and talk back on occasion and remind them that you're on your way to 2!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Happy B-day Miller Man! Sorry Rylee and I can't be there to celebrate. We are sad that we're missing out.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I knew all along you'd be a great parent...as long as the kid could raise itself:) It seems that Miller has accomplished that so far! Congrats little man. Now that he's mobile, you'll be able to send him out in the yard to fend for himself (just like one of Talbot's chickens). Get ready for year number 2!!!! It's better...and faster or at least you better be because he will be outrunning you in no time! Valerie can already outrun Sqkr!! Take care,