A Fine Saturday.

Today has been very relaxing. I don't think we permanently got out of bed until 10 this morning(Annie still had to be fed at 7, and Miller needed feeding early this morning, but we got some sleep in between and after all that.) I played with Miller(I am teaching him chess) then I went to Home Depot to get some crap. Trimmer Line, Hornet killer, Cinch Bug killer, and fluorescent lights. Killed Hornets, Hopefully killed cinch bugs, Killed the burned out fluorescent lights in the garage, and barely made it in before the heavens poured down. Miller has been sleeping all day, and I have been relaxing all day. Last night Erin gave me my anniversary presents early so I could use them all weekend:

1. Big fat book with 230 guitar songs in it. I spent most of the afternoon paging through it and marking the songs I was most interested in. I have 49 that I would like to learn by the end of the year. That's over 2 a week, which probably won't happen. First three are: Peter Gunn(Blues Brothers), Wipeout, and You give love a bad name.

2. Singstar. Basically a Karaoke game, but with better songs. I let Erin win last night so she would feel good about herself, tonight I will more than likely crush her and send her to bed crying. On a side note, I sound fucking fantastic after I have had a few beers. It must loosen up my vocal chords or something.

3. Money for guitar related paraphernalia. Excellent. This is one hobby that I have had which Erin seems to know exactly what I want/need. Now I just need to decide what I want to spend it on. New Guitar? maybe, but more than likely I will put it towards an effects pedal which will make Eddie Van Halen sound like me.

That is all. Good day.

Doe, Rae, me, fah, so, lah, tee, doe......

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Jess said...

I'm pretty sure I want to play this singing game. But first, I think I'll need a beer.