Pain in My-niscus.

Well, the MRI revealed that I have a torn meniscus in my right knee, which is the cause of all my pain. Surgery is going to be required, but the rehab will be short(much short than ACL surgery), the doc said that it would be a minimum of a month and a maximum of 2 months. Still plenty of time to heal up for duck killing. The crappy part is that I don't meet with the Surgeon until the 22nd of this month, but oh well. Its been bothering me for over a year, an extra 3 weeks isn't going to kill me.

That is all, Good day.


Jess said...

That sucks about the torn meniscus, but at least now you know what it is and what you have to do to fix it. I suppose injuries like that don't heal on their own.

Did the doc give you anything interesting to deal with the pain until then?

Shannon said...

Too bad you have to have surgery, but at least it won't ruin your killing spree. There is always an upside.

Crystal said...

Well, the important thing is it sounds like you will be healed for the ducks. I'm sure they really appreciate your dedication to them! Are you going to need crutches too?

Anonymous said...

I am astonished that you've broken...again. My thinking of you as a superhero is going down hill fast. You better stick with rock god from now on since their always in the hospital (or rehab at least).

From myniscus to yourniscus, hope you get better soon.