Sunday no rest day.

Since last week I slacked all week with any form of house work, and yesterday I was busy doing Man stuff, today I had to hit it hard. I finally anchored the shed down to the concrete slab(with 26 bolts anchoring it down, it will take a mighty wind to blow that bastard down.....I will have to keep Nilsen and Jerry away from it after a night of drinking...oh yeah, and Shannon, apparently she is gassy as well). I then proceeded to unload all the shit that has been in our garage, back into the shed. This is temporary. Once the house is painted, and gutters are up, I will revisit the shed and build some nice shelves in there to store all my shit. I can already notice a big difference with a bigger shed, not only in the shed, but also in the garage. I then decided to seal the new grill area, to get it ready for paint. I read the label on the sealer and it said to not paint if rain was expected in 3 hours, so I looked at the sky, looked at the interweb, and determined I was riding a fine line, but should be alright(usually when I hold off on things because I think its gonna rain, it doesn't) Well, wouldn't you know, Hurricane Fuck Ryan returned within an hour. I have been too scared to go out and look at the devastation, but hopefully some of the sealer remains on the grill area. It was raining, so I came inside, helped the wife clean(a half ass job by me, but she's not the boss of me), and then I went and got groceries. Tonight I think I will avoid the academy awards like the plague.

That is all. Good Day.


Erin said...

It's typical, if you wait, it doesn't rain and if you chance it, it pours.

MN Mom said...

Sorry about hurricane F U...Mother Nature has a toxic sense of humor.

Shannon said...

I'll try to stay away from the shed while I'm pregnant. After that, hopefully I'll return to normal.