Wild Night

So last night I get home from an exhausting bike ride, and the first thing the wife says to me is, "you wanna go to the strip club?" In my mind I was like, no not really, the last thing that I wanna do is go look at a bunch of naked chicks. However I knew she really wanted to go, so I said okay. We get to the strip club and have a wonderful time, with both of us getting too many lap dances to count. Next thing I know I am at home with 2 women, one of which was my wife. It was awesome.


I didn't have anything interesting to write so I made up a little story.

Tuesday Exercise: 10 miles
Tuesday ABC's: 0

I am kinda getting the hang of this no drinking thing, but we'll see how tonight goes, last week wednesday was my moment of weakness.


sir baldy said...

The price of Jack Daniels is probably going to go up because their spring is low from the drought. Just be aware of that when you start drinking.

sir baldy said...

The Wilbury's kick azz by the way.

Jess said...

What?! That's not how Tuesday nights go at your house? Huh.

Froyd said...

not drinking is making you delusional.

Erin said...

Geez, I was starting to wonder what you did before I got home from work and walking. Those video games must be pretty vivid.