New Music Tuesday/Month in review.

I only purchased 2 new cds this last week, Poison-Poison'd, and Toby Keith-Big Dog Daddy. They are both pretty good, and the Poison CD came with 2 free tickets to their summer concert. Excellent.

June Music Review:

Best CD

A tie between Children of Bodom-Are You Dead Yet?, and Tiger Army-Music from Regions Beyond.

The COB disc is one of the best metal albums I have heard. It ranks right up there with In Flames and Mastodon. Lamb of God could learn a lesson from them on song differentiation.

Tiger Army-Excellent CD. I have been playing this one quite a bit, and it still hasn't got old. Even though the dude kinda sings like a sissy, it fits the music perfectly. They Rock.

Biggest Disappointment
Lamb of God-Sacrament. For being the supposed "saviors" of hardcore metal, I am not impressed. It is hard for me to tell the difference between every song on the cd. Weak.

One from the Vaults
Sepultura-Chaos A.D. This disc never gets old, one of my favorite heavy albums of all time.

This next video was passed on to my by Sir Baldy. This band leaves me speechless every time I watch it.


Jess said...

For x-mas you can expect a t-shirt that reads: "Complete Completely Rocks!"

Of course, you'll have to go to the trouble of explaining the band's title's significance because it's so obscure, but it will be a good conversation starter.

sir baldy said...

Oh yes. And that's all I gots to say 'bout that. You could probably book them for your 4th of July bash.