Back on Track.

Monday and Tuesday mornings were pretty tough on ole Ryan. The wife is outta town so I whooped it up pretty good on Sunday and Monday nights. Weigh in for Monday was 198, which is healthy weight loss, certainly not at the same rate as the week before but its probably better that way. I did get up and go bike riding both mornings, but I may have been legally intoxicated. I also got up and went riding this morning, turning over 1000 miles on my bike. I think I have over 200 this month alone. The evenings haven't been too crazy, except for the drinking. I had a delicious meal at a friends house on Monday, helped fix thier doorbell, went home and watched "Hells Kitchen". Last night I stayed away from the bottle and watched the movie "Shooter", and was in bed before 9:30. I feel like a million and one dollars today. Tonight I need to start getting everything together for the Grand 4th of July Celebration. It is going to be wonderful.

Monday exercise: 8.7 miles
Monday ABC's: 4 beers, 4 rum cokes.

Tuesday Exercise: 9.7 miles
Tuesday ABC's: 0

Wednesday Exercise: 8.7 miles


Jess said...

Do you bike every single day?

Ryan said...

Every day except Sundays. Sundays are the day of rest at 29th Manor, maybe even for the wife now that she is done with school.