back for the attack.

I seemed to do so much better with this blogging stuff during bowling league last year, so now, as league is about to start, I will try to step it up. I am thinking I am going to bring back the alcoholic beverages consumed (ABC) tally. That way I will have something to chat about every day. I am going to try to be better though. I have discovered that sometime within the last 5 years I have been growing a bit of a gut. Not a six pack anymore, but not quite a keg either, I would compare it to one of those mini kegs that you can buy at grocery stores. Lack of exercise along with copious amounts of booze are to blame, I don't think I can blame it on genetics, thyroid, or depression. So to remedy this I am trying to cut back on the booze. (I know I have said this in the past, but maybe this time it will be different). Thursdays are bowling, and Fridays and Saturdays don't go by the same without sweet alcohol, but the rest of the week I am going to cut back. Completely cutting it out might be too much to ask, so I am going to start by saying no drinking after 9.(hey, its a start). Hopefully this will also help with the waking up in the middle of the night and having to piss like a racehorse. As far as the exercise, I plan on riding bike to work at least 2 days a week(a total of 18 miles) hopefully more. Sooner or later I will start lifting, but I don't want to start this week because I don't want to damage my stellar bowling game with muscle soreness. So there you go. I will send all my faithful readers a copy of muscle and fitness once I am on the cover.

Sunday ABC's- Big fat zero
Monday ABC's- Big fat zero

Monday Exercise- 9 miles on bike. 1 hr of lawn mowing.


Jess said...

That mini-keg may also develop with age (now that you're the ripe age of 30); metabolism significantly slows at 28!

Good luck with the exercise and reducing the ABC count; that's gotta be hard. Especially when you need the elixir to drown out the voices in your head.

Juan Cinco said...

Who are you and what have you done to Ryan?