New School and Old School.

It was a wonderful week in the Froyd Household concerning video game entertainment. On Sunday I went and bought the new xbox 360 elite, using a plethora of gift certificates and credit card points. On wednesday I finally gave my wife her Mothers Day gift(she has yet to shoot a child from her loins, but she does take care of the animals and me, so she thinks she deserves someting) which was the Nintendo Wii. They are both fantastical. The xbox360's graphics are out of control, especially on that big ass TV. I bought one game for it and have been downloading many demos from the world wide intraweb. On the other end of the spectrum is the Nintendo Wii. Definetly not as advanced as the 360, but it is a different kind of fun. The controllers interact with the TV and make it more of a whole body experience and really test the hand eye coordination. I have been letting the wife win the whole time so she will feel good about herself. I will crush her in another week or so. With the wii you can also download old school nintendo games as they become available, So far we have Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong Country. While they don't match up to graphics and whatnot of the 360, they still are very damn fun, and just as fucking frustrating as when I was but a wee child. That is the beauty of them. All these new systems and games are great, they look good and play well, however I don't see myself playing them in another 15 years like I am with the old nintendo games. Sometimes Old School is better than new school.


Erin said...

You can lie to yourself and think you are letting me win but when it comes down to mad Wii skilz, I got 'em!

Yeah, classic Mario Brothers...no one can top that. Too bad I never won that game. Maybe now I will have the chance to beat it.

sir baldy said...

Here you go buying all these new game systems and all I got was one, yes one, Porsche Caymen.

Jess said...

Wow, finally a post where you typed something! (Did your wee fingers get worn out doing so?)

Once you get Tetris and some Dr. Mario, I'll come and kick both your asses!