Wild Par-tay

Last night we had a wild birthday party for our dog. This was basically just an excuse for everyone and their dogs to get together and drink some beers. The beauty of getting 4 dogs together is that it provides cheap entertainment for most of the night, and it wears the dogs down to a point of exhaustion that we owners can't seem to get to on a regular basis. This is especially key if you are poundin down the beers and don't want to be awakened at the ass-crack of dawn by an energetic dog.
Which is definitely what I didn't want to happen. Everyone had a good time, the dogs got wore down pretty good, and almost all the beer was consumed. Today was pretty much worthless for both the dog and I. All we did was lay around and moan and groan all day. My headache went away and noon, and I just chilled all day. Now I am ready to rock, I better finish off the leftover beer before it goes bad. That is all for now.

Friday ABC: 3 Beers, 3 Whiskey Cokes

Saturday ABC: About a billion

Sunday ABC: In Process.

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