On the post writing, not on the drinking, silly. I have been trying for the last 2 days to get some super secret computer code to work but right now it is not cooperating. I have got a computer genius working on it at the moment, so hopefully it will be working in the next few days. As far as the drinking goes here is the tally: Sunday ABC-- More than 1 and less than 10--. I was busy breakin my ass workin in the garage on Sunday and didn't keep very good track. I am willing to bet that I sweat the damn beer out before it even reached my liver, so I don't think they counted anyways. As for tonight: ABC--2 Beers, 2 whiskey cokes--. Not a bad showing, but nothing crazy. The 1st whiskey coke was with the Wild Turkey 101, so that stepped it up a notch, the last whiskey coke was with Canadian Mist, which like the whole nation of Canada is fairly weak. Just kiddin Canadians, you are still better than the French. That is all I have for today. 4 more days till Fun-Day Friday.


Ryan said...
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the codemaster said...

code should be working now.